Services Offered

Goal of our centre is to help clients to get empowered to fight situations, strengthen bonding in relationship, to make them capable of holding themselves. The centre also aims at holistic development of a person may it be a parent or a student. Emotional literacy and wellbeing are the major areas which are taken care in at the centre. Emotional quotient development is achieved with emotional literacy.

Testing and Career Guidance
Aptitude testing is a combination of I Q, personality, Interest, Aptitude tests. It helps students and parents to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses. It becomes easy for students to prepare themselves for upcoming crucial years in their lives. This helps them to know the gap between their goals and personality.

Remedial Teaching
It is a skill development program. It includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. Many a times we find that children are not performing up to the expected level of their age but we fail to understand the reason behind it. Major reason behind it is their skills are not developed properly due to which their scores are low. It affects their confidence level. Remedial teaching program helps them to learn skills required for academic performance.

Handwriting Analysis and Grapho Therapy
It is believed that our handwriting is a mirror of our subconscious mind. Thus handwriting analysis is a medium which helps us to understand one’s personality to the core. It can help the person not only to understand his/her concern areas but also to bring about required changes. Graphotherapy is a scientific method to bring changes in our personality through changes in writing pattern.

Counselling Services
The centre provides counselling services and psychotherapy in a scientific way. It is recommended to help an individual to deal with their own concerns. Counselling is misinterpreted as giving or receiving advice, suggestions, readymade solutions, chit chatting, etc. On the other hand, it is a powerful tool which can help the client to be self-dependent and think rationally, to clear emotional jargons, to get clarity, be balanced. It requires specific skill set to help the client.

Exam Phobia Workshop(Online)
Many students face difficulties while they are in the exam hall. This phobia does not allow the student to perform at his/her fullest level even he/she is well prepared. The end result is poor performance. Irrational fears overpower student’s ability to solve question paper. This workshop helps students to tackle their fears at the time of the exam and improve their performance and confidence.

Counselling students with exceptional/high ability, Gifted Students and their parents.
This end of the normal distribution curve is generally ignored or neglected because of their high intelligence. It is assumed that they are capable of dealing with all the situations in their life. The fact is totally different. They are emotionally sensitive, mostly interpreted as arrogant, left alone or bullied by others. Parents fail to understand their concerns. It may lead to low confidence levels, bitter relationships with peers, teachers and parents. At the centre their personality and emotional wellbeing is taken care off. It helps them to utilize their intelligence at the fullest level.